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2012 Mileage Deduction Rate

The 2012 business mileage deduction rate is 55.5 cents per mile effective January 1, 2012.  This is the same rate that went into effect July 1, 2011.  (The previous rate was 51 cents.)  The IRS is clear in that taxpayers deducting business miles should have a log indicating the business purpose of the trip, the […]

Is my Traditional IRA contribution deductible?

Potentially.  There are a host of rather complex rules governing the deductibility of Traditional IRA contributions. Traditional IRA contributions can either be deductible or non-deductible.  To further complicate matters, a contribution may be partially deductible (and thus partially non-deductible as well).  Deductibility depends upon filing status, income and whether you and your spouse (if applicable) […]

Is Social Security Taxable?

Social Security benefits are tax-free for some and partially taxed for others. To determine the taxation of your benefit it is important to understand a concept called “provisional income.”  Provisional income is a fairly complex calculation involving half of your Social Security income, other income (including tax-free interest) along with a few adjustments.  Provisional income […]